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The course of study will focus on gender theories, leadership, human rights, and social justice. Specifically, we will look at the larger socio-economic and public policy affecting gender and leadership both regionally as well as internationally. The individual courses blend lecture, group discussion and workshop sessions, thereby allowing participants to take initiative and actively engage with the course topics. In addition, field visits to social work institutions and civil society organisations and invited speakers are part of the teaching and learning plan. In addition to class readings other visual materials, i.e., videos, documentary and artistic films, are also integral to the teaching/learning process. Our courses are offered to undergraduate and gradute students, as well as professionals working in social services. Language of instruction is English.

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Learning outcomes

The Summer School curriculum is designed to examine gender and leadership as social and analytical categories, as well as principles of social work education and more broadly of economic and political structuring processes and polices. The course of study treats gender and leadership as mutually constitutive and foundational to social work as a discipline and practice. Of particular relevance is for students to gain an understanding of inter-disciplinary relations to the study of gender and leadership, with a focus on social work theories and methods. Learning outcomes are: 


  • To demonstrate an understanding of theoretical perspectives in the study of gender and leadership in social work;

  • To use and discuss gender as an analytical category and its relationship to  leadership;

  • To demonstrate recognition of the cross-cultural differences and similarities on gender arrangements and their impact on leadership; 

  • To present and analyze the intersections of gender and leadership across different cultural and political contexts;

  • To identity gender biases and opportunities for leadership through social work education and practice.

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Each day will consist of 2 sessions. Each session lasts 90 minutes. 

Programme will consist of workshops, group work, and a public program with 90 minutes for each activity. 

Detailed schedule will be shared with students prior to the summer school.

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Nidžara Ahmetašević

University of Sarajevo

Sanela Bašič

University of Sarajevo


Sarina Bakić

University of Sarajevo 

Erika Bejko
University of Tirana

Gordana Berc

University of Zagreb

Oksana Boyko

National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

Annamaria Campanini

International Association of Schools of Social Work

Elona Dhembo

University of Tirana

Hasan Hasanović

Writer and Curator

Nadiia Kabachenko

National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

Theano Kallinikaki

University of Thrace

Vjollca Krasniqi
University of Prishtina

Jane McPherson

University of Georgia

Alma Mustafić

Utrecht University of Applied Sciences


Ann Petrila

Denver University​

Sanela Šadić

University of Sarajevo

Ana Marija Sobočan

University of Ljubljana

Kimberly Strom 

University of North Carolina

Amy Shackelford

Jyväskylä University

Barbara W. Shank

Dean and Professor Emerita, University of St. Thomas, School of Social Work

Rossitsa Simeonova

University of Sofia

Carmen Luca Sugawara

Indiana University

Julia M. Watkins 

President Emerita, American University in Bulgaria

Darja Zaviršek

University of Ljubljana​​​​

Summer School Program/Syllabus



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